Thursday, June 13, 2019

What I learn from Analects Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

What I learn from Analects - Personal Statement ExampleThe three major themes of the book are social philosophy, semipolitical philosophy, and education (The china Reviews 165). In this paper, the author explains what they have wise(p) from the book as far as these themes are concerned. In the process, they relate their lessons to their personal experiences. The paper is based on Lau D. Cs 1979 translation of the book.From the book, I learn certain qualities a good leader should possess. For instance, a good leader should be disciplined, lead by example and correct their subjects with compassion (Lau 1819) rather than by punishing them (Lau 155). Confucius, in arguing against punishment as a means of principal people, claimed that over time, the subjects will become contemptuous of punishments and the tool will become ineffective. If, on the other hand, they are led by a sense of virtue, a persons conscience will convict them of their wrongdoing and they will refrain from it in t he future. Whereas this is not the first time I am culture on the qualities of a good leader, Confucius prescription stands out it is simple and practical. This is in spite the fact that the philosopher failed to popularize his ideas in the China of his day partly because the political leadership depended heavily on punitive laws.Indeed, from the various leadership positions I have served in, I can confirm many of Confucius qualities of a good leader. For instance, I have come to appreciate the importance of leading by example. This quality, for instance, demands that if as a leader I assign tasks at the next meeting, I mustiness be the first person to have completed my task. In addition, when I convene meetings, I must arrive punctually. On correcting people, I have learned that it is much easier for me to win the cooperation of a non-cooperative member extending small gestures of kindness. For instance, I may assign the member a simple task and promise to buy them lunch if they accomplish the task well. This

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