Sunday, June 9, 2019

Lifestyle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lifestyle - Essay ExampleThe Spanish way of life is to accomplishment hard and party harder which is living it up as we would call it. This reflects in the people of Spain who as studies have shown atomic number 18 a happy crowd, where the people argon content without having to extend their daily life to fit in more than is necessary. The weather can be one of the reasons for this laid back lifestyle that has experience a part of their culture. It becomes quite difficult to work in the sweltering heat which is why life usually starts after the sun goes down in summer.Everything about Spain would spell holiday for someone who is not used to the culture. The music, dance and food are vibrant and can keep you on a mettlesome for as long as you are on a holiday. It could be contagious and make people wish for more. The country itself has an endearing history and circumstance which entices people to leave their homes for this lifetime entertainment. Of course for a person who is from a hi-tech city and one who lives to work would be taken by amazement by the Spanish lifestyle.The amazing family ties which are quite enviable are one of the advantages of the Spanish culture. Children are brought up in a well enlace family and are usually the focal point of attention. This is what is lacking in the outside world today where the parents do not have the time to devote to their children. Whereas in Spain time spent with the family is considered of utmost importance and then comes work and pleasure. Invariable the lifestyle becomes healthier and contended.Spains culture and society helps you build stronger communal ties and clear social skills. You cannot help but become friendly in nature unless you want to be the sore thumb in the society where the people are open minded fun loving and friendly and chatting up with someone on the way is a casual occurrence. You have the chance to develop other talents that you

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