Friday, June 21, 2019

Emarketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Emarketing - Essay ExampleIn addition, e-commerce is generally associated with buying and selling via internet or conducting transactions that technically involves the practice session of a computer (network) and then transactions that needed ownership or rights to use the goods and service for the internet. This industry seems to be growing. This is because as based on the internationalistic Data Corp (IDC) the estimated value of the global e-commerce in 2000 was roughly towards the US $350.38 billion. These figures are projected to climb up every yea, and it did, by 2004, the IDC rose by 10%. This shows that the market place is now being shifted towards the use of computer, internet. T present is a huge market via Internet. But in order to understand this better, here are the basic concepts in e-commerce.There are some of the basic concepts of e-commerce that applies to understanding the difference of the relationship formation and maintenance in the market space and also in the market place. The E-commerce generally used a huge scope of technologies in order to provide the needs of its market wherever they whitethorn be.The relationship of e-commerce to its market place is to be able to provide both pre and p

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