Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Lit 9 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lit 9 - Essay ExampleHomeless People and Homelessness (Houseless & Houselessness), is a useful networksite that provides sufficient fabric to understand what homelessness is. This website has arranged different topics related with homelessness and has published the details of homeless people, pictures, statistics, News, Homeless children, and so on. (Homeless).Divorce appears as a quite common stem turn in the contemporary realistic fiction and the website JWI Jewish Women International (What is Divorce), is useful for those who seeks for the details of divorce. One can use the additional links provided in this web page for an understanding of divorce and related topics.The online article, Coming of age in the years of living dangerously by Brill Briggs clearly expresses the issue, coming-of-age. It is available at http// (Briggs).The problem death and disease is the website that deals with the topics of death and disease. It also discusses the reasons for deaths caused with the abuse of tobacco and other drugs. (The Problem Death and Disease).Monster by Myers is a widely discussed invention that fulfills most of the characteristics of realistic fiction. One of the main features of the novel concerns with the presentation of its content in such an honest way that the readers feel nothing exaggerated with the characters or the setting. The mood is very dark and filled with despair as we see Steve learning to cope with what may be the outcome of this trial. (Myers). The protagonist of the novel Steve is a true representative of youngsters who had spent their life in jail either as an after effect of their crime or becomes prey of the existing complaisant customs. The novel exposes social as well as the personal values through Steve and his identity remains as a question to society. The novel allows the readers to pretend

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