Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Genetically Modified Crop Plants Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Genetically Modified Crop Plants - Assignment Example In crop production, there are mainly two processes known as organic and inorganic food production. Organic methods of food production often involve the use of natural products such as manure or composts. On the other hand, inorganic products are often produced through the use of artificial chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides. These additional additives modify the final output and this may have negative impacts on the health of people and animals as well as the environment. In most cases, genetic technology on crop production is meant to increase the yield. Inorganic food production is likely to double what is produced through organic means even if the quantity may be the same. In recent years, it can be seen that the concept of ‘ethics’ has played an increasing role in food production and marketing. Basically, business ethics refer to the values, principles and standards that operate within business and these attempt to make a distinction between something that is morally good from bad (Rossouw, 2004). Ethics in business shape the values of the people involved and these should never â€Å"be compromised for financial gain or short term expediency,† (DesJardins, 2006, p.5). However, it can be seen that ethics are often compromised in as far as crop production is concerned in some instances. In terms of crop production and marketing, ethics often relate to issues such as the healthiness of food, its impact on the environment as well as social impacts of the outputs on the targeted people.

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